Recordings by 'Hoyle Nix's West Texas Cowboys'

Here is a discography of 6 phonograph recordings by "Hoyle Nix's West Texas Cowboys" :

A Big Balls In Cowtown - STAR TALENT (USA) - 709A - Composer: Ben Nix; matrix: 213; ~3 min
Comin' Down The Pecos - STAR TALENT (USA) - 750B - Composer: Hoyle Nix; matrix: 214; ~3 min
Darling Why Are You So Mean To Me - STAR TALENT (USA) - 750A - Composer: Ben Nix; matrix: 212; ~3 min
Hoyle's Fox Trot - STAR TALENT (USA) - 755B - Composer: Hoyle Nix; matrix: 337; ~3 min
I'm All Alone ( V. Ben Nix ) - STAR TALENT (USA) - 709B - Composer: Hoyle Nix; matrix: 215; ~3 min
You're Throwing Life Away ( V. Ben Nix ) - STAR TALENT (USA) - 755A - Composer: Ben Nix; matrix: 340; ~3 min

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See also Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys and Hoyt Hughes Aho.

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