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Title Artist
Fruit Jar Blues Allen Brothers
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Allen Brothers
I'm Always Whistling The Blues Allen Brothers
Jakewalk Blues Allen Brothers
No Low Down Hanging Around Allen Brothers
Old Black Crow In The Hickory- Nut Tree Allen Brothers
Price Of Cotton Blues Allen Brothers
Prisoner's Dream Allen Brothers
Shake It Ida Shake It Allen Brothers
The Enforcement Blues Allen Brothers
The Rambling Boy ( Fleming & Townsend ) Allen Brothers
I Wish I Were A Mole In The Ground Amos Baker
Twenty Years In Prison Amos Baker
Down In The Jailhouse On My Knees Amos Greene
My Caroline Sunshine Girl Amos Greene
A Bootlegger's Joint In Alabama Part 1 & 2 Archie Lee, Bill Brown, Pops Melvin, Judge Lee, Hoke Rice, Pink Lindsey
Give Me Old - Time Music Arthur Smith & His Dixie Liners
Gypsy's Warning Arthur Smith & His Dixie Liners
The Farmer's Daughter Arthur Smith & His Dixie Liners
Florida Blues Arthur Smith Trio
I Tickled Her Under the Chin Asa Martin
She Ain't Built That Way Asa Martin
Darling Nellie Gray Asa Martin & James Roberts
Prisoner No. 999 Asa Martin & James Roberts
Put On Your Old Gray Asa Martin & James Roberts