Website Examples

Some websites I have worked on.
Annie Campbell

Personal PayPal enabled web site for artist and author Annie Campbell.

Cayuga Blue Notes

This is an adaptable Drupal 7 band site. It works full size and also on smart phones (well... not so good on iPad portrait). Events feed from, there are audio samples and a photo gallery.


Designed to display Cornell's collection of Cuneiform Tablets. This was originally a Smarty & php site, but I migrated it to Drupal.


Vintage website of defunct psychobilly band from Boston. I look back on it to see how much has changed.

Library Technical Services

An example of a large Drupal site built to support the needs of a division of the Cornell Library. Originally in Commonspot but now in Drupal.


Drupal site for a band. The events listed on this site are coming from There is streaming audio.

Mnemosyne Atlas

The Mnemosyne Atlas explores the complex work of the 20th century scholar, Aby Warburg. A collaboration between DCAPS, the Cornell University Press, the Warburg Institute, and the German Studies Department, the site is a digital corollary to the CU Press publication, Memory, Metaphor, and Aby Warburg’s Atlas of Images, by UCLA professor Christopher D. Johnson.  Drawing off of Johnson’s extensive knowledge and research into the Warburg Atlas, the site allows users to interact with  Warburg’s panels independently or with the guidance of scholars (Johnson has the first “ pathway” mapped, with more coming soon). The site was developed within DCAPS, and funded by the Arts & Sciences grants program as well as the Mellon Foundation. 

This Drupal site makes extensive use of jQuery.


Multilingual, multimedia site built with Smarty and php using a PostgreSQL database. We built an extensive administrative interface to handle the complex data structure. This includes batch upload capability and OAI harvesting.

Zydeco Trail Riders

A band website with lots of pictures & streaming audio. The events listed on this site are coming from

Cornell Digital Collections

This is a Blacklight powered site to display some of the Cornell University Library digital collections. My role in this site was to provide a mechanism to move metadata from SharedShelf into the solr index that supplies data to the site, and to transform the images in the collections into IIIF format to support rapid zooming and panning of the displayed images. Here is an example from the "New York State Aerial Photographs" collection.

Alexander Kluge: Cultural History in Dialog

A German and English Drupal 7 site featuring lots of videos streamed from Kaltura, some viewable by segment.
At the core of the collection is a series of conversations, originally aired on German television, between Alexander Kluge and other major figures in late-20th and early-21st-century German cultural and intellectual life, as well as international scholars working in this tradition: the playwright Heiner Müller, the writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger, and the social philosopher Oskar Negt, among others. Subtitles and transcripts of some of these broadcast interviews are included in German and English translation, and they are fully searchable.


I recently migrated a hand built static html web site listing about 3600 audio samples of old time fiddling into Drupal 7. This involved elaborate screen scraping and parsing, lots of communication with the owner of the site to clarify the intent of the site, and an iterative process for designing and building the site.
I got to use Pantheon for a platform, and CloudFlare for web distribution, caching and SSL. Now we're integrating affiliate links for revenue. It's a work in progress.

Band Calendar

This calendar covers performances from Long John and the TightsThe Chicken ChokersToivoCayuga Blue Notes, and the Zydeco Trail Riders taking place in Trumansburg, Danby, Watkins Glen, Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca, NY. It provides a central place for booking information, venues, newsletters, etc. and feeds the events to the individual band's web sites.